Photo of Stephan Wehner

The Institute was founded by me, Stephan Wehner, in the year 2001.

I am a Mathematician and Computer Scientist, with a Ph.D in Mathematical Logic from Simon Fraser University, and a "Dipl. Inform.", the equivalent of a Masters of Science in Computer Science, from Universit├Ąt Karlsruhe.

I have many years of experience in software development, from embedded systems and numerical/combinatorial problems to enterprise systems and scalable web applications. Please take a look at my personal c.v. for more details.

I was born in France, grew up in Germany and Belgium and have lived in Vancouver, Canada since 1991, with a one year stop-over in San Francisco, CA. I have two daughters.

In my spare time I am learning to jump rope and play the trumpet. For me, jumping rope is a lot easier than learning to play the trumpet; I suspect this is the same for many!

BTW, I chose the name of the Institute in honour of Jim Buckmaster of San Francisco, California. I hope you like it!

You can follow me on twitter, or read my blog.

Client Testimonials

This is what some of our past clients say about the Institute:

Grant J Phillips Senior Product & Marketing Manager

Dr. Stephan Wehner is a brilliantly innovative technical problem solver. I have complete trust in his judgement of computer and mathematical issues, and appreciate his fairness and good common sense. During our 10 years of association I have frequently relied on his astute analysis and initiative.

Grant J Phillips, Senior Product & Marketing Manager, SITA, Providing solutions to the Airline Industry

E-xact Transactions Ltd
Geoff Flamank Operations Manager

Stephan and the Buckmaster Institute have performed development work for us here at E-xact Transactions for the past 3-4 years. Their contribution to the development and subsequent launching of our Hosted Payment Page solution was instrumental in this becoming adopted by some very prominent merchants.

Geoff Flamank, Operations Manager, E-xact Transactions Ltd